Find a HeartMath®Certified Coach

Do you want to transform your stress into resilience and live your life with more health, happiness and heart?

Do you have goals that you want to achieve but “something” keeps getting in the way?

Do you wish there was someone friendly, supportive and professional who could guide you along the journey you want to make?

Our officially trained HeartMath Coaches will work with you to help you learn the HeartMath system. They are highly skilled in empowering people to develop mental, physical, emotional and behavioural self-awareness and in coaching people in the HeartMath coherence self-regulation techniques.

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Working with our coaches will help you to discover who you really are, what you really want and how to Add Heart to your decisions, relationships, work and aspirations.

They can also train you how to get the most from your Inner Balance™ or emWave® biofeedback technology.

Please note that all of the coaches listed below are currently active and they keep their personal and professional practice up to date. Anyone who is not listed as a coach below, but who presents themselves as officially trained by HeartMath, may not be currently active and they many not be officially certified. As such, we cannot vouch for the quality of their services. If you are in any doubt as to the status of anyone claiming to be a HeartMath Certified Coach, please contact us at and we will help.

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Mandie Lal

Mandie Lal


Functional Health, HeartMath, Anxiety & Building Resilience, Stress Reduction, Education & Training.


Naturopathy, Diet and Nutrition , EFT (tapping), NLP, Small Group Coaching.


  • UK, Yorkshire & Humberside, South East, West Yorkshire, Kent.

Mandie’s Functional Health Practice operates as an ‘in-house’ service for her staff team working in the Adult Social Care sector.

“Employees working in the health and social care sector are exposed to many stresses and demands in their day-to-day work which can bring about unease and health issues. My research and personal journey have enabled me to integrate the tools and techniques into our work practices.

Heartmath tools and techniques are used with coaching and education. It enables me to demonstrate the processes of stress, which causes many discomforts and dysregulation within self. The self- regulating techniques enable staff to overcome stresses more easily, as well as being more present, calm, resilient, creative, productive within their work and personal lives”.