We run resilience training days for NHS staff – junior doctors, GPs and consultants. The emWave Pro lets us demonstrate how heart rate variability shifts from random to coherent when a person changes from being stressed to focusing on slow rhythmic breathing.  Then the Inner Balance sensors and apps on iPads allows everyone to practice making the link between appreciative breathing and changes in their heart rhythms.  A meditative silence descends as people focus on this unfamiliar and fascinating ability to influence and regulate what their heart is doing!

Professor David Peters of the University of Westminster Centre for Resilience

HeartMath® Resilience Training and Coaching in Organisations

Training For Your People

ReCharge – Boost Your Inner Battery® is a fun, interactive and experiential programme designed to help your employees transform their stress into resilience, boost their well-being and empower their performance.

Participants learn about their sources of resilience and develop self-awareness of what drains and renews their inner battery. They then experience a series of simple, fast and powerful coherence self-regulation techniques designed to be used in real time, with eyes open.

They also use our Inner Balance™ HRV biofeedback technologies to see and believe that they can intentionally change their physiology and state.

The programme works best as two half days separated by 2-4 weeks. The first half day is dedicated to self-awareness, mastering of the foundation HeartMath coherence techniques and use of the biofeedback.

In the 2 – 4 weeks after the first half-day, participants then practise the techniques “on and off the job” and also use the biofeedback technology to deepen their learning and skill. During this period they are provided with a series of short, helpful and informative emails designed to help them sustain their practice and develop their ability to achieve coherence.

The second half day begins with a discussion of people’s experiences including “the difference” they have noticed in their emotions, feelings, thoughts, behaviours, relationships and general day to day life. Participants then experience a series of strategic HeartMath coherence techniques for effective communication, creativity/problem solving and project planning.

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The effectiveness of the programme is measured with the use of The Institute of HeartMath’s Personal and Organisational Quality Assessment (POQA) tool. This is a questionnaire which we ask participants to complete before and after the programme.

We can also provide data relating to the use of the Inner Balance technology. This includes frequency of use, duration of use and development of coherence scores. It is also possible to create cohorts of users to provide collective data. Cohorts can also engage in friendly competition with each other to encourage practice.

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Coaching For Your People

HeartMath offers 1:1 and small group resilience and wellbeing coaching for employees.

Coachees explore their resilience and wellbeing, identify challenges and goals and learn a series of coherence self-regulation techniques. During and between session they also use the Inner Balance™ biofeedback technology to practice and develop their coherence and self-regulation skills. Their coach can monitor their coherence sessions remotely (if agreed by the coachee) and will provide feedback at the next session (or in some cases between sessions).

These sessions are particularly valuable for highly-stressed employees and newly promoted managers.

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Our coaching programme typically consists of four 90-minute sessions and is delivered face to face. We have a network of trained coaches across the UK and Ireland.

We use our POQA tool (discussed below), Inner Balance data and qualitative data from the coachee to provide an evaluation of the impact of coaching.

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Simply put, our programmes work.

The graph below shows large reductions in a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional symptoms of stress. The sample is 10,249 people who have undertaken HeartMath training. The numbers represent the percentage of individuals who responded that they experienced these stress symptoms either “often”, “very often” or “always” before and then 6 weeks after their training.

The numbers speak for themselves. Our training helps people to feel healthier and happier.

Finding HeartMath and learning the techniques quite literally changed my life and quite possibly even saved it. Being able to share these techniques with others at home and at work is simply game changing.

Holly Price, Training and Development Director

Stress Symptoms Reductions

Source: Institute of HeartMath Personal and Organisational Assessment (POQA) questionnaire. N=10,249 pre and post matched pairs.