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Do you want to…

  • Learn how to transform your stress into resilience?
  • Increase your performance in the moments you need it?
  • Overcome overwhelm and avoid burnout?
  • Improve your relationships?
  • Boost your overall well-being, energy and health?
  • Self-regulate anxiety, frustration or anger?
  • Make coherence a part of your daily life?
  • Connect with the heart of who you really are?

We have a network of official HeartMath® Certified Coaches who can help. Our coaches are located across the UK, Ireland, Greece and a number of other nations too.

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Our coaches have undertaken comprehensive training and are experts in the HeartMath System. They will guide you through our simple and powerful self-awareness and self-regulation models and coherence techniques. They will also teach you how to use and get the most out of the emWave® and Inner Balance™ biofeedback technologies.

In addition to being experts in HeartMath, most of our coaches also have expertise in specific needs and issues.

Our coaches work face to face and online too, so you can find someone local to meet in person or, if you prefer, you can connect digitally with anyone, anywhere.

Use our Coach Directory to find a coach who can help you with the change you’d like to make.

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Do you want to…

  • Help your clients or colleagues to transform their stress, boost their resilience and perform to their highest potential?
  • Increase your own emotional and mental clarity, improve your physiological health and help teach others to do the same?
  • Differentiate yourself from other practitioners by being licensed to offer a leading edge, scientifically validated, practical and highly effective approach?

As an international trainer and coach, it is important to me that I use systems, which have a strong research base to support them and also have a high quality front end delivery system. HeartMath systems tick all of these boxes for me. They have compiled over many years a set of robust and proven metrics on the efficacy of their processes. The equipment is easy to use and is of high quality too. I recommend HeartMath fully and am delighted, and confident to represent them for the benefit of my clients

Kevin Laye, Coach, Trainer and Founder, Psy-TaP

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HeartMath Coach Testimonials

Meet some of our Certified Coaches and hear why HeartMath is so important in their life and their work.

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Self Teach with books and technology

It’s very easy to learn the HeartMath® system for yourself and we’ve a number of books, and biofeedback products to make your learning fun and effective.

You can find all of our products within our web store.

I am a therapist and I recommend this product to my patients. Biofeedback use to be too expensive for most people to learn, but HeartMath makes it affordable and simple. Biofeedback is a wonderful way to relax the body and clear the mind.

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