HeartMath’s Inner Balance named by the ‘Independent’ as one of 4 best at-home meditation devices

Written by The Independent:

“Meditating with Inner Balance gives you the chance to learn how to put yourself in a happier state of mind — and who wouldn’t want that?! This device clips on your earlobe and reads your heart rate variability (HRV), which you can follow on the app. HRV is known today as the new way of understanding our state of stress and how emotional states are affecting our nervous system. HRV is the variety of duration of time in between each heartbeat. The higher that variety is, the better. A higher HRV corresponds with higher coherence, meaning your body can adapt to different stressors around it more effectively without getting overwhelmed.

Inner Balance helps you reach that higher coherent state, by giving you real-time feedback of your HRV. It shows how much time you spend in low, medium or high coherence and also shows a graph of your HRV, so you can see how a high-coherent state looks like. It also rewards you points, and you can track your progress over time.

As simple of a gadget it might look like, the technology behind it is proven by science. It was an interesting journey to understanding this one. We didn’t find the guided meditations on the app outstanding, so we only used them at the beginning until we got a feel for what we needed to focus on. Turns out, the best way to increase coherence, is to focus on your breath, start to think about something or someone you’re grateful for and tune into what you appreciate in your life. Science has found that grateful people were happier, and that gratitude had physiological benefits, and with Inner Balance you can track and train at home.”