Free documentary featuring HeartMath and WeAddHeart

A NEW, PARADIGM-SHIFTING FREE DOCUMENTARY that will transform your reality in just 3 hours!

Packed full of the most insightful and inspiring discussions of what human consciousness is and what it means to be sentient, and featuring some of the most exciting thinkers and visionaries, including Bruce Lipton, Lyne McTaggart, Antonio Damasio and HeartMath’s very own Dr Rollin McCraty and Howard Martin. This documentary will open your mind and your heart; cause you to reflect on yourself, on humanity our journey through consciousness, and convince you that we can intentionally evolve our consciousness to create a better world.

HeartMath and WeAddHeart both feature in this wonderful film and we are proud to support its release.

You can watch the FREE documentary here. And please do share the link. This film was made for humanity ☺

With heart!

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