Syntropy States – Beautiful Audio Visual Meditation Aids

Beautiful, relaxing, renewing and mesmerising A series of 8 exquisite audio-visual meditation aids created using complex, emerging and evolving geometries in High Definition. Each unique geometry is paired with a gorgeous ambient chillout soundtrack composed using the latest 8D and binaural production techniques.


Syntropy (n)

Anti-entropy. Movement towards order and symmetry. Advantageous and orderly patterning. Unification of the physical and biological worlds.

Immerse yourself within 8 different meditation aids – one for each energy centre plus an extra heart coherence breath pacer.

These meditation aids are specifically designed to help you quickly disconnect from your busyness and stress, reconnect with yourself and recharge your energy. Just 5 minutes will leave you feeling whole, balanced and in-tune with the heart of who you really are.


What our customers are saying…

“Wow!! Amazing work!! I find them really hypnotising – such incredible artwork ! It makes me feel an increased sense of oneness and connection to the whole when I look at those patterns and the movements.”

“I dropped into coherence pretty much immediately and was in a trance by the end of it! Both the music and visuals really worked for me (spirograph was my fave game as a child and now I know why!!). I also like that it’s short – makes me immediately want to work it into my regular schedule.”

“This was amazing [Galon – Heart Chakra] I’ve tried it a few times now and out of all of them, it immediately demands my focus and locks me in. FYI my coherence was in the 6 – 6.8 region! The visuals are spectacular and I particularly like the waves that sit and dangle both on the left and right, it’s pretty cosmic!”

“I find it exquisitely intricate. It’s so delicate and subtle that what comes to my heart is APPRECIATION and gratitude for its beauty. It’s hypnotic.”

“My experience when I listen and watch is a feeling of opening out at the back of my head. It’s almost as though my pineal gland is having a party! Slight lightheadedness and a strong feeling of letting go. I feel very chilled . . . and well! Brings about deep feelings of contentment too! I love it! “



Meditation aid overview

1. Gau – Root Chakra: Self-Regulation & Security

2. Cura – Sacral Chakra: Creativity & Passion

3. Aktis – Solar Plexus Chakra: Willpower & Self Esteem

4. Galon – Heart Chakra: Love & Appreciation

5. Aisier – Throat Chakra: Expression & Integrity

6. Carr – Third Eye Chakra: Intuition & Clarity

7. Spere – Crown Chakra: Connection & Oneness

8. Heart Coherence Breath Pacer – 10 second breath cycle time (5/5)


For maximum impact watch on a large screen and use headphones.

This series includes 7 x energy centre meditation aids, each 5 mins in duration plus a 5 min heart coherence breath pacer

Specially commissioned by HeartMath UK+IRL from The Syntropy Partnership.

Geometries by Allie Joy.

Soundtracks by Serenity States.

*Please note*

Downloadable product

Due to the High Definition visuals and soundtracks, this series of 8 x meditation aids is provided as MP4 files via 8 download links.

MP4 will play on Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS. If you find that MP4 will not play on your device then you can download free MP4 players such as VLM Player, KM Player, Real Player or DivX.

Download size/time

The size of each meditation is c320MB and the total download size of all 8 is almost 3GB. This will take c5-15 mins to download depending upon your internet connection and system.

Please ensure you have a very good broadband connection before downloading.

We strongly suggest that you use your home/business wi-fi to download to your computer/phone/tablet and not your mobile service.



Only watch when it is safe to do so – these meditation aids are deeply relaxing!

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