Beautiful Audio Visual Relaxation Aids by Syntropy States


Immerse yourself within 8 different relaxation aids – one for each energy centre plus an extra heart coherence breath pacer.

Our friends at Syntropy States designed these relaxation aids specifically to help you quickly disconnect from your busyness and stress, reconnect with yourself and recharge your energy. Just 5 minutes will leave you feeling whole, balanced and in-tune with the heart of who you really are.

Each of the 8 relaxation aids is provided in both Light and Dark Modes (16 videos in total – over 80mins!) for use at any time of day or night on your desktop, tablet and smartphone.


What our customers are saying…

“Wow!! Amazing work!! I find them really hypnotising – such incredible artwork ! It makes me feel an increased sense of oneness and connection to the whole when I look at those patterns and the movements.”

“I dropped into coherence pretty much immediately and was in a trance by the end of it! Both the music and visuals really worked for me (spirograph was my fave game as a child and now I know why!!). I also like that it’s short – makes me immediately want to work it into my regular schedule.”

“This was amazing [Galon – Heart Chakra] I’ve tried it a few times now and out of all of them, it immediately demands my focus and locks me in. FYI my coherence was in the 6 – 6.8 region! The visuals are spectacular and I particularly like the waves that sit and dangle both on the left and right, it’s pretty cosmic!”

“I find it exquisitely intricate. It’s so delicate and subtle that what comes to my heart is APPRECIATION and gratitude for its beauty. It’s hypnotic.”

“My experience when I listen and watch is a feeling of opening out at the back of my head. It’s almost as though my pineal gland is having a party! Slight lightheadedness and a strong feeling of letting go. I feel very chilled . . . and well! Brings about deep feelings of contentment too! I love it! “

“I think they are amazing.  I focus on each chakra in my body as I am listening to them and  can feel the different experiences.  For example, I could really feel the energy of my Solar Plexus and came away with the feeling of wanting to step fully into who I am.  The Heart Chakra seemed to release some grief in me which I have been carrying.  Love them.  Love the geometry. Love that you can use them separately or all together.”
“Just want to say your videos are powerful. I don’t know if that would make any sense but from the first to the second it feels like it’s opening my airways. I wasn’t expecting such a side effect. During the second one I became acutely aware of my own every field buzzing. Just excited sharing these first experiences. I’m not even finished watching them all yet.”

“When I saw the Syntropy States clips used for advertising, I immediately felt that something was happening with my level of anxiety. It was like the information from the visualisation/sound was going directly to my fear centre and saying. “It’s OK. Look at me and you are safe. Since using the full tracks after purchasing the package, the anxiety has reduced dramatically. While I watch and listen it feels like my exhalation is being gently drawn out longer and it feels free, light, like I’m in ‘the zone’. That sensation almost feels addictive. Away from the visualisations, I find that I can extend my exhalation without provoking any sense of anxiety.”

Syntropy (n)
Anti-entropy. Movement towards order and symmetry. Advantageous and orderly patterning. Unification of the physical and biological worlds.

Simply put, syntropy is the invisible, mysterious force which creates order out of chaos in biological systems. Including humans.

These relaxation aids are designed specifically to help you move from stress and chaos – entropy, into balance and order – syntropy.

View in Dark Mode
View in Dark Mode
View in Light Mode
View in Light Mode
For Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone
For Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone
Audio Visual Relaxation
Audio Visual Relaxation

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